The Captors

Status – In Development
Genre – Contained Thriller

Writer/ Director – Chris Baugh
Producer – Brendan Mullin


When Thomas Egan, an ex-criminal turned successful businessman, is faced with crippling bankruptcy he is forced to execute a dangerous high-stakes kidnapping only to discover a dark secret about the very thing he is trying to protect – his own family.


Ex-criminal Thomas Egan has done everything he can over the years to stay a step ahead of his past. Now in his mid 40s he is a faithful husband to his wife Martina, loving father to his teenage son Dominic and proud owner of a successful construction supply business. And although Egan and Martina sometimes miss the thrill of their dangerous past together they both appear settled in their suburban lifestyle, particularly Egan.

However, when millionaire property developer Michael Coyne inexplicably pulls a lucrative contract away from Egan’s business things quickly turn sour. Teetering on the edge of bankruptcy Egan stands to lose, not only the business he worked so hard to build, but also his newfound existence as a responsible member of the community.

As events unfold Egan discovers that Coyne’s decision to pull out of their business deal is part of a plan Coyne has to destroy Egan’s livelihood. Egan realizes that the only way to secure his family’s future is to revisit his criminal past. With the help of an old partner, Jim Ward, and a young convict called Eddie Stewart, Egan schemes to kidnap Michael Coyne and his family and hold them hostage in their secluded country estate in order to extort £250,000 and exact retribution. But on the day of the kidnapping The Captors get more than they bargained for when Egan discovers a dark secret about the very thing he is trying to protect – his own family.